Restaurant Káfet

Now Closed! We'll open again at the end of June!

Cafe - Bakery - Bistro

Cafe that also serves food and drinks with own bakery!

Located at Keskuskuja 5 in the Levi center our restaurant offers coffee, speciality coffees and other beverages from dusk till dawn. We serve Breakfast, Lunch and Afterski dishes, in addition to warm and cold beverages. Our bakery bakes buns, rolls, breads, pastries and cakes. Furthermore our kitchen makes excellent snitzels, minute steaks, crepes, pastas, pizzas and other dishes. You can also order rolls, breads, cakes and pasteries for home, events or parties. We suggest though that you order larger quantites well in advance. Our restaurant is fully licensed to serve alcoholic beverages.



Our Menu changes multiple times a day, so you have a good reason to visit more than once a day. Káfet's Menus below.

Please note that changes are possible!

Cafe Káfet

From morning till night we offer both traditional coffees and speciality coffees, as well as teas and an assortment of scrumptious products in a showcase.



Delectable house made products in the showcase are available throughout the day.

Variety of
Buns, cinnamon rolls, fritters, doughnuts, etc.

6-12 kinds

breads and savory pies

4-6 kinds

pastries and pies

4-6 kinds

You can find both savory and sweet delicacies from the cafe showcase quickly.

The selection differs troughou the day as some product run out and new are made.

All our products are lactose free. We also try to make sure we always have, both savory and sweet, gluten free products available. All our products are made in house (with the exception of gluten free products).



Want to spend a nice evening at peace, at your cabin, in your own company, but don't want to spend time cooking?

We can make delicious dishes just for you, and either...
--> deliver them right ot your door,
--> or alternatively you can come pick them up.

You can for example order dinner from us for the whole week. You can also order for a shorter period and otherwise enjoy Levi's many restaurants

Our repertoire includes both traditional finnish home cooking and festive foods, as well as common delicacies from around the world. Foods from Lapland have are an important part of our selection, but we also offer Pizza, Lasagne, sausages and salads. Buns, breads and rolls form our own bakery compliment our repertoire.


Great Taste

is essential

Great tasting food is essential for us. To make sure of this we make all our dishes from tried and true recepies at just the right time. Some foods require a long preperation time and often those also stand time better without the taste taking a hit. Some foods are meant to be served and eaten as soon as possible and suite situations where the food is consumed soon after delivery. Some foods have to be made on location and can't be made in advance, to make sure the taste is great.



things happen along the way

Things happen along the way! The schedules on your vacation or work trip don't always hold. Still it is important that meal service works. We go beyond the call of duty to fit our own activity and schedule, sot hat you get your food when it best suites you! Additional costs are billed according to our pricelist and the realized work.


Excellent Ingredients

lay the ground work for all cooking

Good and fresh ingerdients make cooking great food easier and ensure a plesant dining experience. We strive to use quality domestic and locally produced ingredients.


Great Service

is the other half of our business

Great and reliable service is an essential part of out operation. We want our customers to relax and spend their time in a happy atmosphere, without having to worry about eating. We deliver our foods according to the setteled schedule.